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er, who was encoura▓ged by the student volunteers. "My daughter ha▓sn't gone to kindergarten for a long ti

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me."The diseas▓e has changed her. The chemotherapy annihilated her cancer cells but weakened her. Yu's ▓

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mother said she once was an active girl, who liked singing and dancing. Now she is quiet. "She seems▓ ups

first time.

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et, but doesn't want to tell us."Yu completed▓ the paper cup telephone in half an hour. When she was asked to test it, sh

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e raised the cup and said, "Mum, I love you."Everybody cheered. Yu laughed and said it again, louder. Her mother, on th

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e verge of tears, said it was the happiest day since Yu first went to hospital.In the ward, happ▓y times are short, and

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pain can strike at any time.Sun Peirui, 10, drew a picture of a golden lio▓n which was put on the wall. However, he stopped coming ▓to class when he became too weak due to a new phase of chemotherapy. His parents had abandoned him after

divorcing. A welfare home took him in and sent him to Beijing from his hometown Shandong Province for treatment last year.His nose bl▓eeds frequen

tly for up to an hour. His mouth is full of sores, making it hard to eat."He missed the cl

two paper cups. Teacher Li

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